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About CG Locks

Our Reputation

CG Locks is known across the Gold Coast and Brisbane for its suite of services and technologies designed to meet all security needs. Our goal is simple … to keep local families and businesses safe!

CG Locks is proud to be a family-owned and run business. We have earned our reputation as a quality and proven locksmith and security provider. CG Locks has a long-held and active involvement in lock smithing and security. Over the past twelve years, they have honed their craft, developing solid relationships locally, and are known as one of the best in the business. Don’t take an unnecessary risk. Choose somebody you can trust.

Having worked extensively in the security space, we noted a distinct lack of customer service amongst existing providers and began to sense the dissatisfaction of clients. They decided there must be a better way, and soon CG Locks was born.

The vision upon founding the company was to develop trusting relationships with clients that would stand the test of time, and leave them feeling safe and secure. After all, there aren’t many service providers you need to have more trust in than the one who guarantees the security of your home!


People come to us because we care!

At CG Locks, family comes first. We care about you and your family, and want to do whatever we can to keep you feeling secure. We understand the importance of ensuring you receive ultimate protection.

That’s why we offer our thorough consultation and advice service at the start of every project, during which we’ll scope out your home and develop a multi-element, tailor-made security package that meets your families own distinct requirements.

Fully licensed and insured, CG Locks holds a Security Advisor License and Security Installer License, as well as a Cert III in Engineering and Locksmithing.

We are committed to working only with the highest quality products on the market, meaning you can be confident of ultimate protection.


What should I look for in a locksmith?
A qualified licensed trades person who has a security license in date with no criminal record. Look for a locksmith business who has great reviews and who provides warranty for their products and services! 
Can you get all my locks working from one key?

In most cases yes, please call our friendly team and we can explain the best way to do this. 

I want keyless / digital locks for my house, do you sell them?

Yes we stock, supply and fit both mechanical and “stand alone” electronic digital locks. 

When should I call a locksmith?

When you want to physically secure your home, offices, premises, assets and valuables from unauthorised access, intruders, theft, etc.
You may also need to call a locksmith to satisfy insurance requirements.

To change the locks if you lose a key or move into a dwelling or premises which has been previously occupied.

If you are locked out of your home/premises, car, or safe – a locksmith can gain access for you with minimum damage and cost.

In short, anything to do with keys, locks, and safes.

If security is your priority, CG Locks has you covered. 

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