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Currently, in Australia, over 88% of companies are requiring or encouraging staff to work from home, a higher number than ever seen before.

COVID-19 has completely changed how we work, live, and communicate.

If you’re one of the many employees working from home, you’ve probably already figured out some remote productivity tips. But, have you given thought to your privacy and safety?

Working from home brings some new challenges that you may not have thought of yet. If you’re not careful, you can accidentally put both yourself and your company at risk of hacking, fraud, or worse.

Read on to learn the top security tips for working from home during COVID-19 and why they’re important for keeping you, your family, and your business safe.

Be Vigilant for Scams

With the world in a state of uncertainty and increasing unemployment numbers, there are unfortunately many scammers trying to take advantage of the situation.

Many scammers will send emails or make phone calls, posing as a reputable company, such as your bank or energy company. They may try to trick you to give them your personal details, such as your credit card number.

Scammers may portray a sense of urgency and often try to prey on the elderly. Try to remind elderly neighbours and relatives to be vigilant.

If you receive any suspicious calls, always end it as soon as you can. Then, call the company they are claiming to be to check if it was legitimate or not.

Also, be very careful with online attachments and don’t open any files from unknown sources, as they may contain malware or be hacking attempts.

Install a Home Security Camera

When you and your family are spending larger amounts of time at home, it’s essential to protect your loved ones in the home.

If you haven’t already, install a home security camera and alarm so that you can always keep an eye on who is coming or going from the home. CG Locks can install access control on your front door that allows you to monitor access attempts, as well as grant or deny remote access from your phone. CCTV motion detection cameras can also sync notifications to your phone, and security cameras fitted with audio allow you to communicate with people remotely.

If a car pulls up to the property, you can see if it is a delivery driver or an unwanted intruder. A camera also acts as a deterrent for potential thieves. They are likely to turn back if they approach a property with a security camera near the entrance. It’s an affordable and effective way to look after your home and keep your family safe.

Use a VPN or Secure Network

When you’re working home, you may be using your personal computer or tablet.  These devices may not have the same security firewalls and settings as your office technology.

This is an important reason to add an extra measure of protection and use either a VPN or a secure Wi-Fi network.

A VPN, or virtual private network, allows you to access websites securely by disguising the access of your computer. It also encrypts the communications or data you send or receive, protecting it from falling into the wrong hands.

This is important for keeping company communications safe and secure, along with confidential data. It’s a good habit to use a VPN in your personal life too. a VPN can help keep your online banking, internet purchases, and personal files safe.

If you aren’t able to use a VPN, at least use a private, password-protected Wi-Fi network.

Follow Company Security Policies

Although you’re working from the comfort of your own home, you are still representing your company and subject to all company procedures. If you’re casual with your security, it can put company information at risk.

An easy way to do this is to always securely shred work documents, rather than throwing them in the rubbish, as they could fall into the wrong hands. It may contain the personal or financial information of staff or clients, so it needs to be protected.

It can also help to have a secure file cabinet or closet at home that you can use to keep work documents secure. A restricted key system is a great way to set this up in your home.

Update Software and Operating Systems

If you require cybersecurity tips when working from home, a big one is to always keep your software updated. Your computer’s operating system, along with any software you’re using, should always be updated to make sure you’re using the most current versions.

Outdated versions of software may no longer be supported by the company who made them, which means their use could put your computer at risk from hackers.

Also, if a hacker is able to enter your system through outdated software, the host company may no longer be able to assist on their end. 

Avoid any potential problems in advance by paying attention to the pop-up notices on your computer that alert you of expiring software, and take the time to install the new version.

Keep Your Phone and Tablet in Sight

It’s easy to let your guard down when you’re working in the comfort of your own home. However, you shouldn’t let this create bad habits when it comes to looking after your equipment.

If you do step out of the house for a walk or a coffee, never leave your valuables out of sight, even for a minute.

Although it can be a hassle if your personal phone or tablet is stolen, it’s a much bigger problem if you need to explain to your employer how a company laptop or phone was lost or stolen, containing confidential office data.

Contact Us For More Security Tips

With the help of these security tips, you can turn your home and your computer into a safe and productive working environment. For expert and friendly help getting started, contact us for fast and professional home security assistance.

Our experienced team is here to answer your questions and can help you with peace of mind and safety for your home office.

With the necessary safety measures in place, working from home during COVID-19 can be a positive experience and you can focus on your work with the confidence that your home is safe.

Call us today to ask about a personalised security automation package, tailored to your personal business or home security needs. CG Locks – keeping people safe and secure!

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